Ferris Mowers

Irish Grass Machinery, Sole Distributors of Ferris in ireland

 Ferris’ exclusive patented suspension system sets Ferris completely apart from the competition.

The fully independent suspension paired with powerful engine choices achieves new levels of comfort ability, performance and  productivity. The suspension system protects the operator from uneven terrain, allowing consistent ground speed and taking full advantage of the mower’s power.

With a wide range to choose from, offering both diesel and gasoline powered engines, deck widths ranging from 112 cm to 183cm (44” to 72”) you will be sure to find the perfect Ferris zero turn mower to fit your needs.

Be surprised by the extremely high capacity and maximum operator comfort.

The innovative iCD™ Cutting System allows for better airflow discharge and superior cut quality. The slope nose of the deck forces the blades of grass forward and allows them a longer period of time to rise in the chamber before the blades make contact. The new iCD™ cutting system offers unparalleled cut quality and compliments the innovation of the Ferris line.

  1. Reinforced leading edge provides protection where the deck needs it most.
  2. Multi-layer heavy-gauge steel construction for maximum strength.
  3. Debris shield on idler pulleys keeps moisture and debris away, extending bearing life.
  4. Center point is offset, optimizing airflow for discharge.
  5. Slope nose design allows grass to rise in the chamber before making contact with the blades.
  6. Deck step allows for easy entry and exit from the operator’s compartment.
  7. Strong, 6 mm thick Marbain® steel blades.
  8. Easily removable mulching insert.