BX Series Diesel Tractor

Performance of a tractor with the precision and flexibility of a mower.

The Kubota BX series currently consists of the Model BX231

The BX subcompact tractor range is ideal for all your jobs: mowing, front loader use. A trailblazer in the design of compact mower tractors, Kubota combines the performance of a tractor with the precision and flexibility of a mower. Extremely easy to use, its ergonomics have been carefully designed to provide comfort for the operator.

Designed to make life easier: For mowing large areas in complete comfort, the multi-position cruise control keeps the speed constant without having to keep your foot on the throttle.

A modern design: This new series features a sleek modern ergonomic design which enables the operator to work all day with ease

Versatile tractors: Two rear double acting spool valves are standard and deliver all the hydraulic power and flexibility needed to power a multitude of accessories. Moreover, Kubota offers numerous dedicated ones: mower deck, grass catcher, front loader options and soil cultivation implement.


The BX231 is the perfect compact tractor, born of Kubota know-how, designed for all types of work: mowing, cultivation, loader work etc.

Its user-friendly features have been designed witfh operator comfort in mind: a spacious operator deck, adjustable steering column and multi-position cruise control. In mowing configuration, with a cutting deck driven by the rear or mid PTO (both standard), the BX231 is extremely efficient, and is no less efficient when dealing with more demanding jobs, thanks to its powerful rear 3P linkage and its dedicated loader.