The Kubota tractor range offers the ultimate in reliability, fuel economy, performance and versatility. Whether it’s a compact tractor for landscaping or an agricultural tractor for heavy work loads, Kubota’ world class engineering excellence  ensures optimum reliability and performance every time.


From mowing and landscaping to heavy duty front loader work, Kubota’s sub compact tractors are meticulously engineered for long hours of demanding, continuous use.

Rugged and versatile, these tractors boast the power and performance for heavy duty applications whilst their compact size ensures unparalleled manoeuvrability and agility.

B1 Series

Designed with your needs in mind, the new B1 Series offers three model variations with different combinations of power and features to let you perform any job with maximum efficiency and economy. The new B1 Series features powerful and dependable 16-, 18-, or 24-hp engines with high torque, cleaner emissions, and low noise and vibration. All three models are also ready for the road, letting you move safely and quickly from site to site.

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B2 Series

Equipped with high quality Kubota engines and transmissions, they deliver the extra durability and reliability you demand for a wide range of jobs. The deluxe integrated cab delivers spaciousness and an expanded field of vision for luxury that’s beyond their class. Whether you’re mowing, landscaping or doing light utility work, the B2 Series is the best choice for durability, versatility and comfort.
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BX Series

Kubota combines the performance of a tractor with the precision and flexibility of a mower.  Extremely easy to use, its ergonomics have been carefully designed to provide comfort for the operator.
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GL40 Series

ETVCS high torque-rise engine and has operator comforts like a padded cushion seat and power steering to reduce operator fatigue.


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L1361 Compact Tractor

The Kubota L1361 Utility Tractor is the solution that combines versatility with ease of use.


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