Lawnmower Buying Guide

IGM’s Guide to Buying the right Lawnmower

There are many types of lawnmower available from Irish Grass Machinery.  We stock all the major suppliers of the various types of lawnmower available. We have pedestrian mowers – hydrostatic, flail, push, self propelled, ride on lawnmowers – rear discharge, side discharge, front mouted, zero turn, flail, stand on mowers, tractor pulled mowers, front mounted mowers for tractors and utility vehicles

Pedestrian Mowers

If you are looking to buy a lawnmower, there are a number of factors to be taken into account. If you are buying for your own garden the size of the garden should be taken into account. Will a pedestrian mower be sufficient or will you need to upgrade to a ride on lawnmower? Are there any small areas or areas between plants and shrubs that a ride on will now be able to access? Is the garden flat or does it have embankments that need to be cut? We at Irish Grass Machinery would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the best product for you. Here’s some useful information on the various aspects of pedestrian mowers that you need to consider before buying:

Cutting Types


The majority of pedestrian mowers are rotary type mowers. This means the cutting of the grass is done by a blade or blades. IGM supply pedestrian rotary mowers from ProPlus, Simplicity and Honda and can all be bought from our website. If you are interested in buying a Honda pedestrian mower, here is a useful buying guide to assist you in making your decision

Flail Mowers

A flail mower is a type of mower that uses banks of ‘flails’ instead of blades. Flail mowers are used for cutting heavier grass/scrub which a normal lawn mower could not cope with. A flail mower will excel in applications such as landscaping, agriculture, utility, maintenance, construction sites, road right-of-ways, trails and all other areas needing bush or overgrown area control. If there are loose objects such as hidden in the scrub the deck will throw the object out, and the mower will simply bounce off any hard immovable objects.

Multi-purpose Single Axle mowers

Irish Grass Machinery supply single axle multi-purpose mowers from AEBI. These mowers are highly versatile and are ideal for use by professional contractors and public works, where steep embankments, wet conditions and bad weather will be encountered. There is a choice of tyre available for different terrain and the cutting method can be interchanged – flail mower, mowing device, cutter, double cutter. There are also snow plough and brush attachments.

Grass Collection / Discharge

Bagging System

The majority of pedestrian mowers include a grass collection bag to the rear to collect the grass and allow you to dispose of the grass easily.


Mulching is the process by which cut grass cut further into much smaller pieces and then returned to your lawn without the need for bagging.

Some pedestrian mowers both cut and mulch and a mulching plug is available which, when inserted, allows the colecction bag to be removed, the Honda HRX range of pedestrian mowers have the ‘VersaMow’ system which gives the user the option of collecting the grass or mulching, by simply moving a lever.

Cutting Width

Most pedestrian lawnmowers have a cutting width between 18″ and 22″. The wider the cutting width the quicker it will be to cut your lawn. If you are a contractor looking for a pedestrian lawnmower for larger areas, or areas that may be overgrown or embankments, then the Ferris range of pedestrian mowers is for you. The Ferris range have huge cutting widths, from 32″ up to 61″

Method of Propulsion

Push Mowers

For smaller, level gardens, a push mower may be sufficient for your needs. While the rotary blade is powered by petrol, the user has to push the mower around the garden. Push mowers are at the lower end of the price range of pedestrian mowers but will provide a top class cut for your lawn

Self Propelled Mowers

A self propelled mower will travel under its own power meaning there is no great effort required on the part of the user, apart from guiding the lawnmower, changing direction and avoiding obstacles. A combination of self propulsion and manual pushing can be used on gradients. Self Propelled lawn mowers can come with variable speedHonda HRX476 – or one speedPro Plus 18″ lawnmower.


If you are an occasional lawnmower user, with a small to medium sized garden, engine size andpower may not be as important to you as a professional contractor who is using the mower on a daily basis.

Transmission Type

Hydrostatic transmissions are available on higher end pedestrian lawnmowers. A hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are used to power the lawnmower. A lawnmower with a hydrostatic transmission can provide a high amount of power in a compact size, once the components are checked regularly and maintained a hydrostatic lawnmower will outlast a conventional lawnmower

Other Things to think about before purchasing a pedestrian lawnmower

Cutting Height

Cutting height is important for anybody using a lawn mower. For lawncare and professional groundscare a low cutting height is very important, more so than for a professional contractor looking for a machine for cutting verges, large green areas and embankments. Adjustable cutting height is something to look out for when buying a lawn mower. There may be times, such as a the start of the grass cutting season, when your lawn or grassy area is particularly long or overgrown, in this instance a higher cutting height would be useful for the first cut, therefore a mower with adjustable cutting height is important. Most have adjustable heights, some are adjustable using one lever, others have adjustable levers on the individual wheels.

Lawnmower Parts, maintenance, repairs

After making your purchase it is important to keep your mower well maintained, this should be done according to the manufacturers instructions, ensuring safety at all times, by the user or a professional. The availability of parts should also be taken into account when buying, Irish Grass Machinery supply parts for all the major brands it supplies. Sometimes, when buying lower end machines from big brand stores, the buyer will have difficulty sourcing a part.


At the end of the summer season, and between cuts, the lawnmower needs to be stored in a safe secure location, away from the elements. If your storage space is limited you may need to think about buying a lawnmower with a folding handle to save space. Also, the larger the cutting width, the wider the space required to store the lawnmower.

Servicing your Lawnmower

Regular servicing ensures you get the most from your lawnmower. You can get your mower professionally service, but with pedestrian lawnmowers you can do this yourself. Here is a handy video from Briggs and Stratton on how to service your lawnmower with Briggs and Stratton engine.

Simplicity (view the Simplicity Range)  are a Briggs and Stratton company, and Irish Grass Machinery are the distributor for Simplicity products in Ireland.