Little Wonder Optimax blowers put you in control. With the Remote Chute Deflector Control located at your fingertips, you’ll control the patented split air-stream discharge. Now move leaves and debris with unmatched air power more easily, without stopping. The steel housing design and self-propelled options, steel transport bracket for easy hauling, and larger discharge opening make Little Wonder the only walk-behind blower to consider. Blowers are available in Push, and Self-Propelled models.

Increased Productivity

Little Wonder Optimax blowers are now available as push blowers with 2 engine options, and a self propelled version with two engine options. The new self propelled models put you in complete control, featuring not only infinitely variable drive speeds but also forward and reverse gears for manoeuverability

Maximise Performance for your Job

Each job is different and the conditions change with the weather. During or following wet weather, wet leaves need to be peeled off the ground, whilst on windy days the leaves can be left low so the wind doesn’t blow them away. Set the exclusive Little Wonder split stream deflector using the hand operated lever to the position to suit your job, gain control and get the job done faster than ever.

Easier Transportation

All Little Wonder Optimax Blowers are supplied with carry handles to allow them to be handled more easily whilst convenient transport brackets allow for simple tie down of the Blower whilst in transit