Using brine solutions for winter maintenance rather than traditional salt / grit spreading is an increasingly popular practice and the SnowEx VSS range caters for all demands. A choice of three sizes of corrosion-free polyethylene tanks contain the de-icing material which is applied via a powerful and reliable 12V pump to the spray boom and hand lance. The spray boom is fitted with spray nozzles on the main downward boom, and a nozzle at each end of the boom to provide kerbside and pavement treatments.

For increased versatility the VSS system also offers an optional hand lance and 30m hose to enable operators to apply de-icing solution directly to confined areas that cannot be reached with the vehicle, such as steps, paths and around planted areas. Hugely versatile, VSS sprayers can apply virtually any de-icing solutions and offer a wide choice of application patterns.

Key features & benefits:
3-position spray nozzles in boom – single-jet, triple-jet or wide fan
Zone spraying control – choose any combination of boom, left-kerb, right-kerb and optional spray lance
Spray width up to 7.6m
Ideal for use with pick-up trucks and flat-bed trucks, or can be mounted on a trailer
Provides an excellent alternative to salt / grit spreading practice, particularly for airports
Versatile and adaptable system for all liquid de-icing materials
Reliable 12v power with digital control
Choice of 378, 757 or 1135 litre tanks
Optional 30m hose and lance on a heavy-duty retractable reel (standard on VSS-1000)