SnowEx V-Maxx is the undisputed champion of spreading. Built to uncompromising standards with proven reliability in the most demanding environments and now available in four hopper sizes, the V-Maxx is the spreader of choice for local authorities, highway maintenance contractors and commercial applications across the UK and Europe.

Key features & benefits:
Full control of spread width and rate from comfort of vehicle cab
Spreads 100% bulk salt to 100% bulk sand, thanks to unique hopper design
Quick-connect spinner assembly allows use of towbar hitch when spreader not in service
Heavy-duty ratchet strap and adjustable rail mount system
Fitted tarpaulin hopper cover
Multi-angled hopper
Vibrator system
Longitudal flow auger

Why Buy a V-Maxx?
Not Your Standard V-Box

The hopper is not literally a “V,” but instead incorporates a patented multi-angle design ensuring material from one side comes in at a different height than the other. So material is not hitting at the same level, which can lead to bridging or clogging. Instead, the very deliberate angles create a natural material vortex for maximum flow from the top of the hopper to the auger. Combined with the patented inverted “V” baffle, which is attached to a vibrator, there is no other spreader on the market that matches the flow of a V-MaxxTM.

Stay Out of the Shop…and On the Job

Equipment is only making you money when it’s working. So the less you have to maintain and service, the better. That’s where our auger system powered by the patented, totally enclosed electric motor transmission come into play. Less moving parts than any other spreader on the market means less that can go wrong…and more peace of mind at 3:00 a.m. when breakdowns are not an option.

The Best of Both Worlds

Poly hoppers are great because you don’t have to worry about corrosion. We should know … we were one of the first to develop a poly hopper back in the early 90s. But one of the concerns with poly as you get into larger hoppers is poly sag – or flexing that can occur to the hopper walls with extreme amounts of material. Not an issue with the V-Maxx. A steel frame around the hopper acts as rigid exoskeleton helping prevent loss of structural integrity. It’s much stronger than poly alone, and without the headaches of a steel hopper.

Ready to Go…and Grow

V-Maxx spreaders come standard with brake- and work-light packages, so you get everything you need to spread material right out of the gate. And all V-Maxx units are compatible with pre-wet systems, meaning when you’re ready to get into liquids, it’s ready to grow with you.

The SP-7550 is the smallest V-Maxx series spreader available for truck bed mounting. It still comes with all the innovative V-Maxx features, such as poly construction, electric power, and independent auger and spinner control. This makes the spreader ideal for any snow and ice professional with a three-quarter ton pickup or larger.

  • Patented polyethylene hopper — eliminates corrosion
  • Transverse and longitudinal auger system
  • Patented 12-volt electric drive/transmission sealed unit
  • Heavy-duty non-combustible automotive-style wiring harness
  • Quick-connect spinner drive assembly for hitch access
  • Top screen

Why buy a V-Maxx 7550?

Dual Variable-Speed Control

Keep Everything Under Control

The unique SnowEx® independent spinner/auger control allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between the spinner and auger. This gives you complete control over where material is spread, and how much.

Quick Connect Spinner Assembly

Off and Running

  • Fast and easy spinner assembly removal in just a matter of seconds.
  • Unlike competitive units, no need to unbolt the assembly or remove the entire spreader from the truck bed before being able to tow.
  • Keeps vehicle useful for other functions, and simplifies off-season spreader storage.