Wright Stander Rapid Height

When You Stand Wright Delivers

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With the Stander RH and its new rapid height adjustment, you can change deck heights without breaking a sweat.

To cut different types of grass in sun and shade, you have to change the deck height quickly and easily. That’s why a single lever controls the deck height adjustment on the fast and agile Stander RH™ from Wright Manufacturing. With this rapid deck height adjustment and a unique “stand-up” ride-on design, you can rise to any mowing challenge and cut the competition down to size.

  • Rugged and durable with deck sizes of 36″, 42″, 48″, and 52″
  • Available in FS541 (15.0 HP), FS600 (18.5 HP), FX600 (19.0 HP), FX691 (22.0 HP) & FX730 (23.5 HP) Kawasaki Engines (HP J1995 Rating)
  • Driven from a standing position so you can shift your weight instantly to handle changing terrain
  • Mows faster than a traditional walk-behind mower with less user fatigue
  • The smaller size means you can fit more mowers on a trailer
  • With no seat, seat belts, or arm rests, you can easily step off for a quick
    exit or to move debris
  • Outstanding control and handling for trim mowing