TP130 PTO Tractor mounted 6" Chipper with Stress Releif
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Infeed section

Operation: Horizontal funnel with yellow safety bar for forward, return and stop of feed rollers

Infeed opening, height: 130 mm

Infeed opening, width: 220 mm

Funnel opening, height (inside measure): 886 mm

Funnel opening, width (inside measure): 860 mm

Infeed position: Parallel to driving direction

Feed rollers: 1

Feed roller position: Horizontal

Feed roller diameter: 220 mm

Feed roller pretension: 1 spring 8 mm

Feed roller drive: 1 hydraulic

Hydraulic oil capacity: 20 litres

Infeed speed (maximum): 16 m/min

Integrated hydraulic system: Yes

Hydraulic pump: Fixed gearwheel pump

Bio-degradable hydraulic oil: Optional

Chipping system

Chipping principle: Disc chipper

Chipping angle: 90 degrees

TP OPTICUT: No TP TWIN DISC: Yes Number of blades/knives: 2

Cuts per round: 2

Blade/Knive gauge - minimum: 8 mm

Blade/Knive gauge - maximum: 8 mm

Rotor speed: 1000 rpm Rotor diameter: 660 mm

Rotor weight: 82 kg

Transmission: Gearbox

Anvil/counter knife - horizontal: 1 reversible (Hardox)

Anvil/counter knife - vertical: 1 (Hardox)

Replaceable tub plate: No

Sliver breakers: No

TP CHIP KIT: Optional Tub plate: Yes

Tractor mounting

PTO 1000 rotations per minute: No

PTO 540 rotations per minute: Yes

3-point linkage: Cat. 1 + 2

PTO shaft: Included, with free-wheel

PTO rotations per minute: 540 rpm

Hydraulic outlets: No DA

Front mounting - PTO 1000 rotations per minute: No

Discharge system

Standard discharge spout: Turnable

Rotation of discharge spout: 270 degrees

Vertical extended spout 0,35m: No

Extended spout 0,3m: No

Hinged discharge spout: No

Horizontal extended spout 1,0m: Optional

Horizontal extended spout 1,5m: No

Hydraulic turn of spout incl. Spout: No

Vertical extended spout 0,5m: Optional

No-stress control

No-stress control: TP PILOT - Optional

Displays feed roller rotations: Optional

Displays rotor rotations: Optional

Timer for work hours (can be reset): Optional

Timer for total work hours: Optional

Accessories/Upgrades TP WINCH: No TP PILOT: Recommended if tractor has less than 40 hp Horizontal extended spout 1,0 m: For longer distance output Vertical extended spout 0,5 m: Tube with 2 flanges Magnetic light set: Rear light TP CHIP KIT: For uniform biomass chip quality: Sliver breakers type A with 4-fingers (max. opening = 33 x 43 mm) and cover inside upper routing house Bio oil: Strong and bio-degradable "saturated ester" hydraulics oil

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Weight (kgs) 516KG

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